Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fresh N Easy

Let me just take a moment to profess my undying love for Fresh n Easy. They have excellent prices and their produce is always fresh. I especially love their 98 cents produce packs. Things you can get in the 98 cents produce packs: 2lbs carrots, 4 medium onions in many varieties, 2 medium Bell peppers in various varieties, sack of potatoes, and then they rotate various fruits such as oranges and apples. It really is a steal! So if you are trying to be more money conscious like myself this is the way to go. I feel that if you buy fresh produce you are more likely to cook and eat at home.

They also have some outstanding deals on meats such as chicken and pork. Their pork chops come in packages of like 5-6 cops 1/2in thick and are very tasty. Yesterday I bought a pack of chicken drumsticks for $3.02. I intend to make Honey Mustard chicken Drummettes later this week. If Beef is your fancy then watch their weekly adds for deals. I like their ground beef when it is on sale as it makes for great hamburger patties. They have great steaks too!

This week's Ad:

Oh look pears!

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