Monday, February 22, 2010

Frozen Bananas

Do you ever purchase a bunch of bananas at the store and find difficulty in eating them before they overly ripen (brown)? I find this to be an issue in my house. See I love bananas and usually will eat one with breakfast. I am not one for eating bananas at any other time of day, nor do I eat more than one in a day. Robert likes bananas too but is less inclined to eat one unless suggested. So the problem comes when I get a bunch of say 6-7 bananas. My thought is that we will eat them when in reality we is just me. Now I do try to buy smaller bunches and ones that are green if possible but this is not always the case.
What do you do with the bananas once they begin to ripen? I feel awful tossing them out as there is nothing wrong with them. They just happen to be sweeter and more tender than I care to eat. So I put them in my freezer. Yes, you read correctly, I place the starting to brown bananas in the freezer. Why do I do this? Because then I can use them at a later date to make muffins and bread.

Just take them out the night before you intend to bake and thaw them in a ziploc bad or dish in your fridge. You do not want to use a plate. The reason for this is that as the fruit thaws it will release the liquid that was previously stored in the fruit itself and the peel. If you use a plate you are going to end up with liquid all over your fridge if you are not careful.
I like to use Emeril Lagasse's recipe for banana bread.

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