Monday, February 22, 2010

Completed Slow Cooker Chicken

Little Miss Gwendolyn and I just sampled our Slow Cooker Chicken recipe. Although it is not a colorful dish it is rather flavorful. I would say the "sauce" is more of a broth and in the future would take steps to thicken it. I also find that the plate needs some color! So perhaps some frozen peas and carrots would brighten it up--next time.
I like the texture of the rice as a base. The onions and apples are very velvety in texture, melt in your mouth and pair nicely with the chicken and rice. The potatoes have a firmer texture and balance out the dish.
I forgot to mention that I stuffed the cavity of the chicken with one lemon quartered. I saw the Barefoot Contessa do it in a chicken recipe and thought it would be fun. I cannot tell if it affected the flavor profile of the dish.

So try it if your feeling adventurous and let me know how you liked the dish.

Here is the dish in the crockpot

Here is the dish served up over a bed of white rice

And here is little Gwendolyn during the cooking process. She was a great help! :)

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